Are you ready to thrive and shine?

Let's make 2020 the year you...

  • Reconnect with calm and clarity
  • Discover a sense of ease
  • Uncover your true nature
  • Make great decisions
  • Upgrade your wellbeing

It's time to get off the hamster wheel

Many of us go through life at a 100 miles per hour, not knowing that we can slow down and still make the whole of the journey. Juggling all elements of a busy life, both personally and professionally, it can still leave us feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day

Add to that the barrage of information that you consume on social media, from conversations and from your own thoughts and you are left with a mind that is confused, irritated and can't make sense of life

This leaves us exhausted, stressed and sometimes even physically ill.

And on a practical level, it translates into great dissatisfaction, depleted relationships and feeling like there’s never enough time - and never really letting ourselves take a breath, to discover a feeling of calm and ease.

It does not have to be that way.

Our stress response is not something that we can switch off, although many try and there are many psychological methods and models that will aim to show you how to arm yourself against it. Giving someone more to do, is not the answer, which is the reason that many who learn these techniques might begin well and then run into difficulty again when they start to forget to implement the technique.

The answer to stress and to alleviating it, is to understand why it's arising in the first place.

What is Striving to Thriving all about?

With only a few months left of 2020, I want to enable more people to:

  • Think less
  • Sleep better
  • Make great decisions
  • Gain clarity
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve your relationships
  • Experience more calm

On 8th October, you can join us in beginning your journey to move from striving to thriving

It’s about doing and thinking less, and getting more.

Or rather, BEING more.

It’s about learning that your true value doesn’t rely on how much you do, how many decisions you make or how many plates you spin. Your true value does not even rely on how much money you earn, how many successes you have or how many people like you.

It’s about connecting with your sense of ease to enable you to make great decisions and life choices that nourish you .

Here is what you can expect from your journey...

You’ll unearth your INNER satnav that will help you move from the feeling of striving to thriving

4 weeks to understand how your mind really works so that you can

  • Who are you really? - Understanding this more deeply will bring confidence, clarity and more peace of mind.  Your wellbeing will begin to improve as you begin to understand yourself more deeply, finding more balance
  • Clarity and calm -  You will experience less stress, less often. Benefits include improved quality of sleep, better decision making, less reactive and more responsive as you overcome your overthinking
  • Panic attacks - As anxiety reduces, you will experience more joy whilst also finding yourself with less to do and more time to do it in
  • Improved relationships - Spend more time in the feeling of love and ease, increase your capacity to listen and be heard as presence of mind becomes your natural state
  • Overcome overthinking - Increased inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm arises once a mind recalibrate back to less thinking


Striving to Thriving

With stress increasing throughout the worlds population, it's clear we need to change our strategy and support systems to enable people to feel more relief, more often. Striving to Thriving is a four week program that brings some of the work I do with my private coaching clients, into a group program, making it more accessible. 

The benefits of group coaching are far reaching and allow people the space to be in community with others who are having similar experiences, increasing our sense of belonging. As well as having the opportunity to be coached yourself, being present when others are being coached and sharing their stories can create huge shifts and insights, not only for the listener, but for the person being coached too. Sharing is after all at the essence of human nature. We share food, stories and lives all of the time and the deep connection this brings is a life changing

We discover that we are all divinely connected and we allow ourselves to bring out all that we are holding back.


I’ve taken huge and scary leaps of faith in the last year that I never would have believed I had the confidence or ability to make

"This last year has been an incredible journey of growth. It’s been a raw, unfiltered experience that has encouraged me to show up as I really am in that moment. I’ve taken huge and scary leaps of faith in this last year (both personally and professionally) that I never would have believed I had the confidence or ability to do. I now have a level of clarity around my business that I’ve been seeking for what feels like forever.

There will never be enough words to express my deep gratitude to Nicky for bringing us all together into this circle of miracles, and for giving me the gift of making sisters for life - thank you, thank you thank you!"

Katie Foster - Chief Creative Adventurer at Destination Freedom

Nicky helped me realise my dreams

"I was stuck when I first met Nicky. I really wanted to start my own business, but I came up with many excuses not to at the time. Nicky helped me realise my dreams. She gave me the space and insight to see where my excuses were coming from, by teaching me the principles and sharing her own experiences."

Sarah Beech - Coach and Trainer

In the last few months I've seen a consistent stream of new clients in my business

"Working with Nicky has been an evolution. It’s not about teaching techniques or showing me “how-to”. It’s her total and unwavering faith and belief in me, and what I’ve got going for me. That I can make this work (even when I haven’t been sure I can!).

I’ve stopped doubting my value. I’m not putting obstacles in my way.  In the last few months I have started to see a consistent stream of new clients in my business. Nicky has supported me to achieve this. She’s helped to bring me back to what I know, reminded me, supported me, pointed me back and guided me to see what’s possible.

Lizzie Paish

What you'll get when you join Striving to Thriving:


  • Weekly Modules to teach you a new way of understanding stress, anxiety and panic
  • Designed to deepen your own understanding of how the mind works
  • Calls are recorded so that you can listen to them back and content is yours to keep

Weekly Coaching Circle

  • A chance to be coached and guided
  • A sacred space to allow your mind to settle and to find a different feeling
  • Listen to others being coached (there is power in hearing others and understanding that we are all in this together)


  • Free access to 'Its not about the money' workshop
  • Special facebook group to allow you to connect with others and be in a community designed to support you
  • Access to my upcoming 'sleep' workshop

Your Investment.

Your investment is £200. (Doors will close at midnight on the 7th October)

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I have poured a lifetime of change work, love, dedication and commitment into this. I won’t lie about how nervous I am about it - but it’s been burning a hole in my heart holding this back and so I’m here, doing it, with you.

See you on the other side!

Love Nicky x

The more clearly I know how life works, the more able I am to help my clients see that for themselves. Working with Nicky has led me on that journey.

"It can seem really hard in the beginning to spend any money on yourself, when you’re not making much money. But it is absolutely essential! Everything else should take second place to investing in yourself.

I AM my business. The more clearly I know how life works, the more able I am to help my clients see that for themselves. Working with Nicky has led me on that journey.

Maybe I could have done some of this on my own. But there’s something extra that Nicky has helped with. It’s not just cheerleading and saying “you can do it”. It’s hanging in there with me. When I’m putting obstacles in my own way she’s there with me, allowing me to find out for myself. It’s the inner knowing that this is me creating something."

Lizzie Paish

Meet Nicky Bartley

I'm an Award Winning Transformation Coach and Trainer. I spend my time working with business leaders, collaborating with my clients and supporting them as they wake up to their innate capacity to thrive - and to create the life, business and relationship of their dreams.

I've seen teams come together and create outstanding results. I've seen individuals create for themselves what they believed was impossible: finding love, moving continents, building wealth and thriving businesses built on love and purpose. I have seen parents fall out of stress and anxiety and humans stop wanting to die and start wanting to live again.

Mainly I have seen humans move from striving to thriving.

I don't set goals; I create miracles!